CHECK LIST BEFORE  Please sure and use our checklist before painting.

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Before you go ahead with painting your home, here is a final check-list you should go through with the painter,
to make sure you get the best results.

  1. Decided on the surface to be painted.
  2. Decided on the budget for painting.
  3. Consulted on the neighbor/friends/relatives who have painted recently to select a good painter.
  4. Selected the painter/contractor/etc.
  5. Selected the shades for each room.
  6. Determined the exact quantity of paint required.
  7. Check surfaces for special treatments required, such as repairs, plastering, waterproofing etc. and ensured that they have been carried out, if required.
  8. Shown the painter areas to be painted.
  9. Specified types of paints to be painter.
  10. Negotiated the rates with the painter.
  11. Selected the right brand for your Walls, Doors, Windows and Grilles, Furniture and Wood Panels.
  12. Bought the paint brand from an authorized dealer.
  13. Ensured that further stock of your selected shades is available, in case of need.
  14. Bought the most economical packs for your purposes.
  15. Made sure that the area being painted is well ventilated.
  16. Used standard primers/ undercoats.
  17. Check the shades on the wall before final application, if the shade has been obtained through tinting.


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