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 Here are some handy tips, which will help you while painting:

Surface Preparation

How to Apply Paint

Clean-Up And Disposal

Painting Tools

Buying Paints

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  1. Before you begin to paint, make sure your walls are properly repaired.
  2. When using fine sandpaper on an orbital sander, fold the sandpaper over before putting it on the sander. This will help stop the sandpaper from tearing.
  3. Test old paint by cutting a cross in it with sharp knife, then stick some tape over it and rip it off quickly. If comes off with tape, youíll have to strip the old paint.
  4. Removing all handles and fittings before painting makes things easier than having to paint carefully around them.
  5. When spraying a surface, always mask surrounding surfaces to avoid staining them.
  6. Make sure the area to be painted is well ventilated and free from dust. As far as possible, donít paint under overly humid conditions.


  1. If youíre taking a break from paint, covering wet brushes and rollers with cling wrap will stop painting drying on them.
  2. When painting, work in sections of 1-2 feet, overlapping slightly the area just done creates a smooth harmonious finish.
  3. Stir and strain the paint thoroughly before application, because paints tend to settle to a certain extent in the can. Then make sure the paint is thinned to ensure adequate application viscosity.
  4. To check if a solvent based paint is dry enough for a recoat, sand a small area with fine sandpaper. If it powders easily, itís ready for a recoat.
  5. On hot days, spay down exterior surfaces with water. It will stop the paint from drying too quick and makes applications easier.
  6. If finish is patchy or uneven, apply an extra coat of primer as the surface might be highly absorbent.


  1. If you wear glasses, put cling wrap over the lens to stop paint on them.
  2. On hot days, when using water based paints, it's a good idea to keep a spare brush or roller handy in a bucket of water and change them every 45 minutes. It will make the paint go on easier and reduce clogging.
  3. Always clean spilled/splashed paint with the recommended thinner while it is still wet.
  4. Use a little dishwashing detergent to clean latex paint from applicators. Mineral spirits will clean solvent-based paint, brushes and rollers may have to be soaked or agitated in order to dissolve paint.


The following are required for painting the your home.

  1. Paint Can opener or broad lever like bake of a kitchen knife. Using a screwdriver to open paint cans damage the rim, which prevents the can from sealing.
  2. Fine grained sandpaper
  3. Heavy-duty sponge
  4. Bucket with handle
  5. Heavy-duty roller and pan
  6. Patching compound
  7. TSP cleaner


  1. The paint should be bought only from an authorized dealer. Accompany the painter to the dealer's, if possible.
  2. Buy ready-made shades as far as possible. Mixing and tinting of shades should be avoided, because you may not get exactly the same results from wall to wall.
  3. To save on costs, buy paint in the largest pack sizes possible
  4. Over-estimate the amount of paint you'll need, you don't want to run out of paint in the middle of a job.
  5. If your surface area is rough or textured, you could need up to 15% more paint, because there is actually more surface area to paint.
  6. To give a room a more open feeling, always paint the ceiling a light color. For walls, it is just the same. Light color paints appear to recede into walls, giving the sensation of greater space. Dark colored paints make a room seem more intimate.



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